Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major public health problem because of its severity and frequency. No recent national epidemiological study on TBI victims is currently available in France.
This study aimed to quantify and characterize TBI victims and analyse temporal trends.
French hospitalization data were used in this study. All hospitalized patients residing in France with at least one International Classification of Disease, 10 revision, code S06.0 to S06.9 during 2011-2016 were selected. Incidence and hospital case-fatality rates were calculated. Quasi-Poisson models were used to analyze temporal trends.
In 2016, the incidence rate was 230.6/100,000 persons, higher among men than women regardless of age. Incidence and hospital case-fatality rates were also higher among older than younger people. Incidence rates increased during 2011-2016, mainly due to the higher incidence rate with age ≥ 65 years than younger age. During 2011-2016, hospital case-fatality rates decreased, mainly due to the decrease in the older age group (≥ 65 years old).
To our knowledge, this is the first national study in France to provide recent data on hospitalized TBI victims. Our study shows that TBI is a major public health concern in France. As a priority, older people represent a risk group that should be targeted with preventive actions because they have both the highest incidence and case-fatality rates and had the largest increase in incidence rates over the study period.

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