Although multiparametric MRI (mpMRI), which consists of T2WI, DWI, and DCE sequences, is efficient in detecting prostate cancer (PCa), its duration and expense prohibit its use as a PCa screening tool. This study will look into shortened MRI procedures that shorten or eliminate typical mpMRI components in order to minimise scan time and cost without sacrificing diagnostic accuracy. The DCE sequence, which has a limited diagnostic relevance in PI-RADS, is removed in biparametric MRI variants (bpMRI). T2WI, the longest sequence, is shortened by obtaining only the axial plane or by using 3D acquisition followed by 2D reconstruction. DW-EPISMS expedites DWI acquisition even further. The quickest procedure documented to date uses only DW-EPISMS and axial-only 2D T2WI and takes less than 5 minutes.

Abbreviated procedures can reduce scan costs while increasing scan accessibility, allowing prostate MRI to become an effective PCa screening tool.