Written by Skeptical Scalpel, Physician’s Weekly Blogger

Your wife wants her underwear back.

NY Governor Cuomo and bystander with different mask errors.

Must protect that side of the neck.

Ohio Governor DeWine looking sharp with a plaid mask.

Yes, kids aren't as susceptible, but why bother?

Hey George Stephanopolous, it is possible to talk on the phone with a mask in place.

Don’t touch it or wear it on your cap.

Watch that social distancing and leave room for the Holy Ghost.

There are no words

Gotta keep that virus out of your eyes.

Some say smoking may prevent infection by the virus.

To your health!

NY Senator Schumer with an N95-type mask (not professionally fitted).

Double whammy. Touching mask and nose uncovered.

The forehead is not a known area of transmission.

"Bottom's Up!"

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