The risk benefit ratio has been clearly proven for a long time to be in favor of vaccination. However, the vaccine distrust is still increasing in the French population and vaccination coverage could be improved. There is a real need to increase confidence in vaccination. In this study, we interviewed heath care workers to collect their opinion concerning vaccination hesitancy amongst their patients.
A qualitative study, using semi structured interviews, was performed. All the Pharmacists and doctors were interviewed by the same person using an interview guide prepared by a multidisciplinary team. Interviews were recorded and transcribed verbatim, then used as a basis for analysis and synthesis of the areas where improvement seems possible for the health care workers interviewed.
Data saturation was obtained after 10 interviews. Analysis of the verbatim allowed the classification of the leads proposed by health care workers in three main themes: improvement of transparency and restoration of the trust for vaccine policy, improved initial and further training of health care workers, and a better communication towards the population.
Results provide helpful insights into practical avenues to improve the vaccination confidence. If some of them need an in-depth reflection, others could be easily implemented in order to increase the adhesion of the population to vaccination, and consequently the vaccination coverage.

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