There has been a huge possibility that the people who are infected with the novel coronavirus have a huge amount of possibility of dying a sad death in the situation wherein they are already suffering from diseases like diabetes. Therefore, one of such effects is that of hyperglycemia which is linked with outcomes in patients who are hospitalized for the coronavirus disease. Therefore, for understanding the relationship, a study was conducted with 271 COVID-19 patients, who were divided on the basis of the level of glucose in the body. The first category included the levels of glucose which were less than 7.78, the second included which had the levels up to 9.18, and the third category included the ones which had the levels of glucose up to 8.57. The results concluded that neutrophils were higher and lymphocytes were lower in the people who were the patients of hyperglycemia. Therefore, it could be very easily concluded that Hyperglycemia is an independent factor that was associated with severe treatment in the people who were already suffering from the novel coronavirus.

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