Fibromyalgia affects the quality of life of the patients, as well as their family. It also affects their social, labor, physical, and psychological dynamics. We aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of audio-recorded hypnosis in ameliorating fibromyalgia symptoms. We enrolled 97 individuals with fibromyalgia (mean age: 45 years) and randomly distributed them to two groups (48 in the experimental group and 47 in the control group). Individuals in both groups maintained their standard pharmacological treatment and continued their usual physical or psychological activities. The experimental group received an audio-recorded hypnosis intervention in the first session; subsequently, they received another audio hypnosis session to use for daily practice for a month. We evaluated the pre- and post-intervention pain intensity, pain interference, fatigue intensity, fatigue interference, depressive symptomatology, and satisfaction with life. We found that the self-administered audio-recorded hypnotic intervention significantly decreased the intensity and interference of pain and fatigue, as well as the depressive symptomatology. Audio-recorded clinical hypnosis techniques could provide an effective, practical, and economical alternative for reducing fibromyalgia-related symptoms.