Advanced bladder cancer is among the most troublesome, causing malignancy seen. Basically, there are two different ways in which you can have a treatment with bladder cancer. 64 Gy in 32 fractions in 6·5 weeks and a hypofractionated schedule of 55 Gy in 20 fractions given in 4-week long term studies have seen through ages, but you cannot find any paper that can give you assurance of the better of both the techniques. In this article, we tried to show that the 55 Gy is not less when compared to the other one.

For the above trial, 782 patients were enrolled in the program. Out of these two groups were decided. And amazon this the group with 52% of people received the 55 Gy. After a median fixed amount of time, the results were seen. When one looks at the result, it could be made sure that the 55 Gy is not an inferior thing. These patients had a lower risk of invasive locoregional recurrence when compared to the other ones who didn’t take the same dose.

The trial showed the 55 Gy wasn’t inferior to the other one on the basis of toxicity anyhow. Not just on the basis of toxicity but also on the basis of invasive locoregional recurrence. Even the results clearly state that it is even better in the case of invasive locoregional recurrence.