New research is being presented at IAS 2013, the International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment, and Prevention, from June 30 to July 3 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Meeting Highlights

HIV Patients Have High ESRD Rate

CD4 Count Linked to HIV Reservoir Level

HCV Reinfection High Among Gay Men With HIV

Repeat Use of Postexposure HIV Prophylaxis

Positive Outcomes With HIV Prevention Program


News From the Meeting

Kick, Kill, Contain – Researchers Examine Three Possible Steps in a Cure for HIV

Home Visits During Pregnancy Increase Number of Male Partners Tested for HIV

Stem Cell Transplant Leads to HIV Remission

German Researchers Report Case of “Functional Cure” After Very Early HIV Treatment

Cutting Dose of Efavirenz Safe, Effective in HIV

Nevirapine Toxicity May Be Linked to Race

How Can Most-at-Risk Populations Be Encouraged to Seek HIV Testing?

Researchers Discuss HIV and Inflammation, Prevention Research and Structural Factors including Stigma and Punitive Laws

Turning Surveillance into Support for Men Who Have Sex With Men in Africa

Generic Competition Pushing Down HIV Drug Prices, but Patents Keep Newer Drugs Unaffordable

Experts Discuss Role of Drug Policy in HIV, Hepatitis and TB Epidemics

HIV Cure Has Long Way to Go Before the Clinic

High Positivity Rate and Good Linkage to Care at Barcelona Community Testing Project

AbbVie Interferon-Free Hepatitis C Combo Works Well With Reduced Ribavirin Dose

New HIV Treatment Guidelines to Cut Millions of Deaths

High Linkage to Care After Community-Based HIV Counselling and Testing in South Africa Associated With Confidence in Drug Supplies, Depression

Management of Age-related Conditions Is “the Future of HIV Care,” Says IAS Conference Keynote Speaker

IAS 2013 Showcasing Cutting-Edge Research on HIV and AIDS

Malaysia Meeting at “Exciting Time for HIV”

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