The Particulars: Compliance with antiretroviral therapy (ART) is critical to optimizing outcomes among patients with HIV. Few investigations have explored whether rates of compliance and healthcare resource use differ between patients who receive a once-daily single-tablet regimen (STR) of ART and those who receive a multiple-tablet regimen (MTR) per day.

Data Breakdown: A study of patients with HIV found that those who received an STR for ART had a compliance rate of 88.4%, compared with a 75.8% rate for those who received an MTR. Hospitalization rates were 25.8% for those in the MTR group and 15.9% for those in the STR group. The STR was also associated with lower medical costs.

Take Home Pearls: Patients with HIV who receive ART through an STR appear to be more compliant with therapy than those who receive an MTR. An STR appears to be associated with lower hospitalization rates and medical costs than an MTR.