ICAAC 2014: Trends in P. aeruginosa Septicemia


The Particulars: Trends in the incidence of P. aeruginosa septicemia have not been well defined in recent years.

Data Breakdown: Researchers from the University of Washington analyzed data on adult patients with a P. aeruginosa septicemia discharge from1996 to 2010. Although the overall incidence declined from 6.5 per 10,000 discharges in 1996 to 3.1 per 10,000 discharges in 2001, the rate more than doubled and was back to 6.5 per 10,000 discharges in 2010. No overall trends were observed in length of stay or mortality. However, the mortality rate by region was highest in the West, despite that this region did not have the highest incidence rate.

Take Home Pearls: The incidence of P. aeruginosa septicemia appears to have increased in recent years among hospitalized patients. Further investigation may be warranted to understand why associated mortality is highest in the West.

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