The studies that are being conducted in these times are basically aimed at assuring that the patients who are critically ill are provided with the chance to get themselves admitted to the intensive care unit in the minimum possible time. This is because of the sole reason that the people then won’t be in the position to provide for any issues they might be facing when it comes to selecting the right medication and treatment for them. There has been a recent study that has been conducted so far in order to unravel that in the population of 879 people, 45-80 percent of the people who prone to get admitted to hospital when they reached the crictial stage of any disease be it cancer, asthma or any other allied problem which the people in the age group of 40-75 years usually undergo. This is because fo the sole reason that the people are provided with the opportunity to get the best possible treatment. The reliance on these medical equipment has basically increased to the maximum possible extent and hence, the aim was discussed up till now. There has been an attempt made in order to enhance the Availability of these medical facilities in a ratio of 20-30 per 500 people.

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