To provide detail data for Campylobacter jejuni (C.jejuni) vaccine research, this study performed epitope prediction analysis technology to screen the B cell immunodominant epitopes of C. jejuni adhesion protein PEB1 and evaluated the immunoprotective effect. The overlapping peptides were synthesized and B-cell immunodominant epitopes of PEB1 were identified by ELISA. BALB/c mice were immunized with the immunodominant epitopes of PEB1 conjugated with KLH plus CFA/IFA. The titers for immunodominant peptide antiserum against PEB1 were detected by ELISA. The bacterial colonization and the relative expression level of TNF-α were analyzed after the mice challenged with C. jejuni 11,168. The function of antibody induced by immunodominant PEB1 epitopes were performed by opsonophagocytic killing. The results showed that PEB1, PEB1, PEB1 were the immunodominant peptides and could induce strong B cell mediated humoral immunity response. Antiserum from the immunodominant peptides group significantly enhanced opsonize phagocytosis than CFA/IFA group (P<0.01). Both the bacterial burdens and the TNF-α expression level in the immunodominant peptides groups were significantly lower than those in the control group (P<0.01). Moreover, the immune protective effect of the three immunodominant peptides depended on the B cell immunity response in vivo study. In conclusion, three specific B cell immunodominant epitopes with good immunogenicity and immunoprotection efficacy were successfully identified, indicating that could be used in the anti- C. jejuni vaccine research and development.
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