This study aims to develop an immune-related genes (IRGs) prognostic signature to stratify the epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) patients. We identified 332 up- and 154 down-regulated EOC-specific IRGs. As a result, candidate IRGs were idendified to construct prognostic models respectivy for overall survial and progression-free survival. The risk score was validated as a risk factor for prognosis and was used to built a combined nomogram. According to the IRG-related prognostic model, EOC patients were divided into high- and low- risk group and were further explored their association with tumor immune microenvironment (TME). CIBERSORT algorithm showed higher macrophages M1 cell, T cells follicular helper cell and plasma cells infiltrating levels in the low-risk group. In addition, the low-risk group was found with higher immunophenoscore and distinct mutation signatures compared with the high-risk group. These findings may shed light on the development of novel immune biomarkers and target therapy of EOC.
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