Immune epitopes of allergens are pivotal for development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. Present study aims to identify antigenic determinants of Per a 5, a clinically relevant cross reactive cockroach allergen.
The three dimensional structure of Per a 5 was modelled using Modeller 9v11 software. A combination of sequence and structure based computational tools were employed for predicting B cell epitopes. Epitopes were synthesized and immunoreactivity was assessed by ELISA using cockroach hypersensitive patient’s sera. Cross-reactivity potential of predicted epitopes was assessed with SDAP and ConSurf and validated by IgE ELISA with fungal and mite hypersensitive patient’s sera.
Per a 5 structure exhibited good quality factor in ERRAT and high stereochemical stability. In silico analysis revealed six B cell epitopes (BC-P1 to P6). BC-P3 demonstrated significant IgE binding followed by BC-P2 and BC-P1 with cockroach hypersensitive patient’s sera. Per a 5 epitopes demonstrate considerable similarity with broad spectrum of allergens from fungal, mites, helminths, fruits and nuts. Analysis of PD values indicate BC-P4 to be well conserved among dust mite and helminth GSTs (8.89, 10.63 and 10.69 with D. pteronyssinus, W. bancrofti and F. hepatica respectively). ConSurf analysis of Per a 5 revealed specific enrichment of evolutionarily similar amino acid residues in BC-P2 (with fungal and mite GSTs) and BC-P4 (with mite and helminth GSTs). Further, IgE binding analysis of epitopes demonstrate BC-P2, BC-P3 and BC-P5 as high IgE binders in fungal hypersensitive sera while BC-P1, BC-P2, BC-P4 and BC-P5 demonstrated significant IgE binding with mite hypersensitive sera.
Among the predicted epitopes, BC-P3 demonstrates maximal IgE binding ability. Computational analysis suggests strong evolutionary conservation and cross reactive potential of BC-P4 with allergens in dust mite and helminths. ELISA highlights predictive potential of analysing evolutionarily conserved residues for uncovering potentially cross reactive antigenic determinants.
Immune epitopes of Per a 5 were identified for aiding molecular diagnosis and potential cross reactivity.

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