To identify the differential expressed miRNA during cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury (CIRI) process, thereby assisting in elucidating mechanism of CIRI development and providing potential target for CIRI prevention and treatment.
6 mice were randomized assigned to 2 groups:control group and CIRI model group. Global cerebral IR model by four-vessel occlusion was prepared among the CIRI model group. Brain tissues were collected after 48 hours after reperfusion. Total RNA was extracted for each sample. miRNA microarrays were employed to detect the differential expressed miRNA between CIRI group and control group. One differential expressed miRNA was selected for verification by PCR.
Compared with control group, 69 miRNAs were significantly differential expressed in samples of CIRI group, among which 50 miRNAs were up-regulated and 19 miRNAs were down-regulated. The Real-time qPCR results indicated the results of miRNA microarray were reliable.
A number of miRNAs were significantly regulated in CIRI model which suggested miRNA was closely associated with the pathological alterations after ischemia. These identified miRNAs may provide directions and targets for the future pathological research of CIRI.