Researchers conducted this study to examine the risk factors at the time of a first termination associated with subsequent repeat termination.

The present study was a registry-based study conducted in the Grampian region of Scotland, UK.

The present study is a retrospective study using data from the Termination of Pregnancy Database, NHS Grampian. Researchers assessed associations between repeat termination and women’s sociodemographic characteristics and contraceptives using multivariable logistic regression models.

This study showed that 23.4% of women who had an initial termination (n=13 621) underwent a repeat termination. Women who had repeat terminations were more likely to be aged under 20 years at their initial abortion with an AOR of 5.59, belong to the most deprived social quintile, and be more likely to have had two or more previous live births or miscarriages.

The study concluded that teenage pregnancy, social deprivation, two or more previous live births or miscarriages at the time of the initial termination were identified as risk factors for repeat terminations. Post-termination contraception with implants and Depo-Provera® were associated with repeat termination 2–5 years after the first termination.