Platelets have an effect on the hemostatic defense of the lung. Immature platelet fractions (iPF) reflects the number of young platelets containing ribonucleic acid in the circulation and real-time production. Information about their roles in rheumatic diseases is limited and there are no studies on iPF in RA with interstitial lung disease (ILD). Our aim is to investigate the association between the iPF level and occurrence of ILD in RA and the correlation of iPF with disease activity in general or only in RA with ILD.
The study included 50 RA patients without ILD, 33 RA patients with ILD, and 30 healthy controls. Demographic data, Disease Activity Score 28 (DAS28), autoantibodies, and iPF were evaluated. ILD was diagnosed by using high-resolution computed tomography with clinical findings and chest X-ray. The samples were analyzed for complete blood count with platelet indices included, on Mindray BC-6800 hematology analyzer, Hamburg, Germany.
iPF levels were higher in RA patients with ILD compared to healthy controls and RA patients without ILD. A weakly positive correlation between DAS28 with iPF was found in all RA patients. iPF levels were found as 2.85 to detect ILD with 66.7% sensitivity and 65% specificity.
Our results showed that the iPF was detected higher in RA with ILD compared to RA without ILD. iPF, a routine cheap and easy test during hemogram, can provide important information in terms of disease activity and lung involvement in RA.

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