There have been many studies that have been conducted so far for analyzing a potent P2Y12 inhibitor-based dual antiplatelet therapy in curing the menace of immune invasion with respect to renal cell carcinoma. This is the kind of therapy that is ideally recommended to the patients who have already been suffering from acute coronary syndrome. These are the kind of patients who have been receiving the percutaneous coronary intervention. The greatest risk these people have been suffering from includes the risk of chronic bleeding which results in the loss of the blood from the body. Therefore, what matters the most in such situations, is to provide these patients with the treatment that is successful in curing the same. Therefore, various studies have been conducted using the methods of HOST-REDUCE-POLYTECH-ACS. This is a very randomized, open-label, multicenter, non-inferiority method. This was conducted using 35 hospitals in South Korea. The results concluded saying that around 45 % of the people did not show the core indication for prasugrel and many others were able to prove their innocence saying that the people are having the immunity to update the same.

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