Nowadays, in western societies, acupuncture is widely used over the control of pain and this analgesic approach is still the most studied aspect of acupuncture. Several studies have shown that most patients go through a significant pain decrease soon after the first sessions of acupuncture.
This research has as a goal the evaluation on the effect of acupuncture treatment regarding the relief of pain intensity of different etiologies, through the visual analog scale.
This research constitutes a retrospective, descriptive study, carried out with 449 patients attended in the Institute Hospital de Base of the Federal District, in Brasilia city- Brazil. Every data was gathered from our own form, with detailed clinical history which included age, marital status, work activity, reason for referral to acupuncture, main and secondary complaints, pain intensity evaluated by the Visual Analog Scale (VAS), number of sessions completed and drug therapy. All data was organized in the Microsoft Excel and processed in the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), version 20.0.
Regarding the main complaint, the mean pain decreased from 7.3 (initial VAS) to 3.2 (final VAS), a reduction that meant more than 50% relief in pain intensity. This 50% reduction in initial pain was also observed in secondary complaints (initial VAS = 6.5 and final VAS = 3.1).
the results of this research suggest that acupuncture treatment was effective in relieving pain intensity, providing a 50% reduction on the visual analogue scale, in relation to painful complaints of different etiologies.

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