The disease of dementia is becoming a major hindrance to the upkeep of health and social care. This problem is more worsening especially for the population which is aging and elderly. These diseases in addition to that of the aging factor, are further able to increase the risk of the cardiovascular diseases which they are able to face. Hence, in the end, what matters the most is that such multi-domain intervention trials are able to put the people in risk of aggravating the health of the people. Hence, various studies have been conducted to calculate the rate of occurrence of the mishappenings in the people which they feel. It has been reported that nearly 71,000 people were observed in total and hence, it was discovered that the increasing age factor was able to increase the risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, the ten-absolute risk of all-cause dementia increased with age. At the last, it was finally concluded that people must take care of themselves as much as possible. The required medicines which are rich in the content of NHA2 should be ideally injected into the patients for their greater good and hence, at the same time, their quantity must be somewhere kept between 8-9mg/L.

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