The patients who are diagnosed with the deadly disease of prostate cancer are usually cured using the concomitant metformin in addition to curing them with radiotherapies and chemotherapies. Therefore, scientists were curious in analyzing as to what should be the link and nexus between this concomitant medication and biochemical relapse-free survival in patients who are treated with the help of radiotherapies and androgen deprivation therapies. Therefore, the most important research was conducted in this regard in which a population of 500 patients was studied. It was found that in the duration of 125 months, the content of biochemical relapse-free survival was nearly 83 percent. This is also an indication of the fact that usually metformin is linked with this. However, this analysis was not true for every other kind of medicine combination. This analysis was not relatively true for the medications wherein a combination fo certain elements like biochemical relapse-free survival and all other classes of medications. Therefore, the randomized trials are used to measure the true effect of the medications on patients who are suffering from cancer. Therefore, the dozes of the medicines which are likely to be in a bad combination should be avoided to the maximum possible extent.

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