Noninfectious uveitis (NIU)characterized by inflammation of the iris, ciliary body, and choroid. It is a  sight-threatening intraocular inflammatory condition. No significant studies were done on the relapses of such patients during the epidemic so this study aimed to estimate the cases. The collected data of subjects with NIU receiving corticosteroids, systemic IMT and biological agents were examined.

In this study 176 patients (2 eyes per person) with NIU (mean age: 33±17.1 years; males: 68) were included. In  total 121 eyes had to have active NIU. Seven subjects (7.8%) did not receive intravenous methylprednisolone despite need felt by the treating uveitis experts. In addition, 35 subjects (57.4%) received a rapid tapering dosage of oral corticosteroids despite active disease. A total of 161 (91.5%) subjects were receiving systemic IMT and 25 (14.2%) were on biological therapies. Overall, IMT was altered in 29/161 (18.0%) subjects. Twenty-two eyes were treated with intravitreal therapies in the study period. Fifty-three eyes (32.5%, 29 subjects) developed relapse of NIU, of which 25 subjects (86.2%) were deemed to have reactivation related to altered systemic IMT. No patient developed COVID-19 during follow-up.

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic these subjects may be at high risk of relapse of uveitis.