For a study, researchers sought to determine if intra abdominal hypertension (IAH) influences kidney failure and death. This post-hoc analysis of 2 databases (IROI and iSOFA research) examined the connection between IAH and kidney failure. Mortality was evaluated using 4 predetermined categories (IAH present, kidney failure present, IAH and kidney failure present, and no IAH or kidney failure present). About 302 (36.6%) of 825 critically sick patients had kidney failure, and 192 (23.7%) died within the first 90 days. ‘Cumulative days with IAH grade II or greater was significantly linked with kidney failure (OR 1.29 (1.08–1.55), P=0.003), although ‘cumulative days with IAH grade I or greater’ (P=0.135) and greatest daily IAP (P=0.062) were not. IAH in combination with kidney failure was independently linked with 90-day mortality (OR 2.20 (1.20–4.05, P=0.011), which was corroborated for higher grades of IAH (grade II or higher) alone (OR 2.14 (1.07–4.30), P=0.032), and in combination with kidney failure (OR 3.25 (1.72–6.12), P<0.001). According to the study’s findings, the length of time IAH was present, and its severity was connected to renal failure, which might increase mortality.

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