IPI was defined as the time between live birth and the estimated conception time of a subsequent pregnancy. This study was done to examine the effect of short and long IPIs on the long-term endo-metabolic health of offspring.

Singleton deliveries between the years 1991-2014 in a regional tertiary medical center were included. Offsprings were followed up until they reached 18 years of age for endo-metabolic related hospitalizations. Survival curves were used for the purpose to establish a comparison of the cumulative incidence of endo-metabolic morbidity, and Cox proportional hazards models to control for confounders.

There were a total of 144,397 deliveries met the inclusion criteria to be a part of the study. Offspring following long IPIs exhibited higher rates of endo-metabolic related hospitalizations. The survival curve demonstrated a significantly higher cumulative incidence of endo-metabolic morbidity in the long IPI group. The Cox model demonstrated long IPI to significantly increase the risk for endo-metabolic related hospitalizations during childhood.

Long IPI appears to have an independent impact on the long-term endo-metabolic health of the offspring.

Reference: https://thejmch.com/index.php?journal=thejmch&page=article&op=view&path%5B%5D=380