With the growing severity of the cancer patients, medical scientists have hooked up themselves for bringing in the latest technology to cater to the needs of the people to the maximum possible extent. One of such new technique is the provision of pencil beaming scanning proton therapy. This is being used by the patients to the maximum possible extent. This therapy is extremely helpful in ensuring that the side effects of the treatment of cancer does not affect the other organs of the body or renders them weak. Therefore, the aim of this therapy is to mitigate the harmful effects which the chemotherapies might have on the other parts of the body. These effects are more dangerous when it comes to the persons who are in the elder phases of their lives. Therefore, the most important consideration for them is to ensure that the tumors have been proved to have reduced their sizes when such technology was used to cure them. Therefore, they help the old patients to realize that the people are able to counter these heavy dosages easily. Tumor size is an important consideration for understanding the gravity of the mistake.

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