There have been many attempts that have been made so far in order to unravel the unique cytokine signature of COVID-19 that might prove to be helpful in providing for the clues to disease the mechanisms which are possible for curing the future therapies. There were many pathogenic models proposed to understand the alarmin cytokine and interleukin-33 in the future which will be in the position to drive the stages of the novel coronavirus. There was a sample taken comprising of 587 patients, out of which more than 25 percent of the people were in the position to show the symptoms of the novel coronavirus. However, the initial symptoms were accumulated around the possibility of IL-33 ST2 axis which might be due to the increased amount of inflammation in the body due to the reactive nature of the virus. In addition, an attempt was also made to calculate the number of the T cells which might be produced in the meantime. The results of the study were pretty sure to target that the IL-33, T helper 17 like alpha and beta cells played a vital role in boosting the immune system of the persons and at the same time, was successful in fighting against the antiviral infection.

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