To improve diagnostic accuracy in differentiating hematogones from leukemic blasts in cases of precursor B-lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma (B-ALL), particularly those that are posttreatment or after bone marrow transplant, and to provide an algorithmic approach to this diagnostic challenge.
A seven-color antibody panel including CD10, CD19, CD45, CD38, CD34, CD58, and CD81 was generated to assess the feasibility of a single tube panel and provide an algorithmic approach to distinguish hematogones from B-ALL. Fifty-three cases were analyzed, and results were correlated with histology and ancillary studies.
There was a significant difference in mean fluorescent intensity (MFI) for CD81 and CD58 when comparing hematogones and B-ALL populations (P < .001). B-ALL cases had a mean (SD) MFI of 24.6 (27.5; range, 2-125) for CD81 and 135.6 (72.6; range, 48-328) for CD58. Hematogones cases had a mean (SD) MFI of 70.2 (19.2; range, 42-123) for CD81 and 38.8 (9.4; range, 23-58) for CD58.
The flow cytometry panel with the above markers and utilization of the proposed algorithmic approach provide differentiation of hematogones from B-ALL. This includes rare cases of hematogones and B-ALL overlap where additional ancillary studies are necessary.

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