To assess a quality improvement initiative aimed at improving clinic utilization and encounter and intervention workload capture for clinical pharmacy specialists. This initiative aided in justification of clinical pharmacy services, identification of clinical areas for intervention, and incorporation of all modalities to appropriately document clinical care.
In order to objectively demonstrate clinical pharmacy service value to stakeholders, pharmacy administrators and clinical pharmacy specialists at the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System performed clinic scheduling and profile reviews using data extracted from the Veterans Health Administration electronic health record and analytic software. Outpatient clinical pharmacy specialty practice areas were primarily investigated; the specialty areas included are as follows: cardiology, infectious disease, mental health, oncology, pain management/palliative care, and specialty clinics (a collection of medical and surgical subspecialties). The first intervention entailed completing a worksheet and assessing clinic utilization data. Then, an evaluation was performed to assess the number of encounters, clinical interventions, clinic modalities, and coding for each clinic. Next, a meeting was arranged with each like clinical pharmacy specialist practice group to discuss this collected data. During these meetings, the delineation of where workload was generated and the activities taking place in an average workday were discussed. Finally, clinics were adjusted to reflect appropriate clinic coding and mapping of the average workday. Metrics were evaluated pre intervention (October through December 2017) and post intervention (July through September 2018).
After intervention, there were statistically significant increases in clinic utilization, total encounters completed, and total interventions recorded in the composite group of clinical pharmacy specialists.
The increases in clinic utilization, total encounters, and interventions observed for the clinical pharmacy specialists suggest the beneficial role of pharmacy administrators’ collaboration with clinical pharmacy specialists to improve workload capture and access to quality care, to justify clinical pharmacy services, and to identify opportunities for pharmacy clinical intervention.

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