Inadequate Training in Concussion Management


Survey results of pediatric primary care and emergency medicine providers suggest that these physicians may not have adequate training or infrastructure to systematically diagnose and manage concussions despite regularly caring for these patients. The vast majority of respondents (91%) reported caring for at least one concussion in the previous 3 months, but 16% reported being inadequately trained to educate patients and families about the diagnosis. The investigators suggest that specific provider education, decision support tools, and patient information may improve and standardize concussion management.

Abstract: Pediatrics, December 2012.

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  1. Agree because no specialty in medicine can claim is educated about concussion management. At the moment there are individuals, in different specialties, trained in concussion management. Education is what we all need including parents and teachers who are the ones who are in the position to monitor concussion treatment, REST. It’s our responsibility to give them the tools to do it effectively by customizing rest as we get sophisticated about deciphering which system needs rest.
    Dr. Alex Gometz at concussion management of New York.


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