To describe the incidence and fatality of COVID-19 and identify risk factors to fatality in patients with inflammatory articular diseases (IAD).
This is a cross-sectional observational study of IAD patients and COVID-19 with controls matched for age, sex, and RT-PCR. A control group was used to compare the cumulative incidence (CI) and case fatality rate (CFR). The main outcomes of the study were CI and CFR. Other variables included comorbidities, treatments, and characteristics of the COVID-19. Multiple logistic regression analysis was performed to investigate risk factors for fatality in patients with IAD.
Of the 1537 patients who fulfilled the inclusion criteria, 23/1537 (1.49 %) had IAD 13(0.8%) had rheumatoid arthritis (RA), 5 psoriatic arthritis (PsA) (0.3%) and 5 axial spondyloarthritis (SPA) (0.3%). There were no significant differences in CI of COVID-19 and CFR in patients with IAD compared to COVID-19 patients without IAD. In RT-PCR positive patients the CI of COVID-19 in PsA and AS was higher. Of the 23 IAD patients, 2 RA patients (8.6%) died. The patients not showed characteristics of the COVID-19 disease different from population. In multivariate analysis, the factor associated with fatality in patients with IAD was older age (OR [95%CI], 1.1 [1.0-1.2]).
COVID-19 CI, fatality rate and other features do not seem to be increased in IAD patients. Older age was associated with fatality in patients with IAD.

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