Conjunctival malignant melanoma (CMM) is a pigmented lesion on the ocular surface. Although uncommon, the condition can invade local tissues of the eye and can spread systemically through lymphatic drainage. The objective of this study is to estimate the survival of patients with CMM.

This is a population-based cohort study based on data from 41 European cancer registries. The study included a total of 725 patients older than 15 years of age with malignant CM. All the participants were analyzed with an overall crude incidence, with the main outcome of the study is 5-year relative survival calculated using the Ederer II method.

The researchers found that crude incidence was the same in men and women, and it increased with age. The overall percentage of 5-year survival among patients was 83.5%. The incidence increased over time and showed significant geographic disparity. The incidence was highest in Norway and the Netherlands (more than 0.70) and the lowest in Iceland (1 case in 14 years). The rate of incidence was significant in large countries (~20 per year), like France and Germany.

The research concluded that the chances of survival among CMM patients are high; however, the risk of incidence increases with age. Significant geographical diversity in incidence across Europe was also reported.