In this study we examine The medial prefrontal cortex (MPFC) is a key cerebrum region in burdensome symptomatology; explicitly, glutamate (Glu) has been accounted for to assume a critical part in major depression (MD) here. MPFC Glu levels are delicate to ovarian chemical vacillations and pregnancy and the baby blues period are related with the most considerable physiological adjustments of female chemicals. Water-referred to MPFC Glu levels were estimated utilizing a MRS strategy that permitted us to be explicit for Glu with next to no glutamine tainting. 

The convergences of other water-evaluated mind metabolites, for example, glycerophosphorylcholine in addition to phosphorylcholine, N-acetylaspartate (NAA), and creatine in addition to phosphocreatine were estimated in a similar MR spectra. There were no contrasts between bunches for other cerebrum metabolites estimated. These discoveries recommend a relationship between Glu dysregulation in the MPFC and PPD. Regardless of whether the pathophysiology of PPD contrasts from the pathophysiology of MD stays to be resolved. 

Hence Further examinations are expected to decide the sequential relationship between the event of manifestations of PPD and the beginning of changes in MPFC Glu levels.

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