Background Bone fractures are important clinical events for both patients and professionals. Active treatment options are limited for delayed unions and for nonunions; surgery is common but not entirely risk-free. This report describes three cases of delayed union successfully treated with herbal decoction. Participants Three patients had trapezoid and 3rd metacarpal bone fractures, 2nd, and 5th metatarsal bone fractures, respectively. All three patients were diagnosed with delayed union by an independent orthopedic surgeon based on computed tomography (CT) scan/radiographic imaging and fracture duration without a healing process. Patients took herbal decoction, Jeopgol-tang, with individually added herbs based on symptom manifestations, twice daily for 56, 85 and 91 days with no additional interventions except for a splint that they had been wearing since fracture diagnosis. Outcomes Improvement of delayed union was evaluated using radiographic imaging or CT during treatment with Jeopgol-tang. Results After taking herbal medicine, callus and bony bridging were confirmed on follow-up imagings and the patients described their experience with pain reduction at an interview after recovery. Conclusions This case series suggests that the herbal decoction Jeopgol-tang warrants further investigation to establish its role as a complementary and integrative medicine treatment option for delayed unions.
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