This study states that Repetitive assaults of peritonitis because of familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) may prompt peritoneal grips and fallopian tube hindrance. Colchicine, which is the treatment of decision for FMF, may upset cell division. Optional amyloidosis, an intricacy of untreated FMF, may include the testicles and ovaries. Along these lines, FMF and colchicine may possibly influence richness and pregnancy in patients with FMF. The points of the examination are to assess the reasons for barrenness and pregnancy result in FMF patients and to contrast them and 2 gatherings: non-FMF patients with peritoneal female genital tuberculosis (FGTB) and ordinary solid controls.

This is a review concentrate in which FMF patients with regenerative issues were enrolled from the National Center of Medical Genetics and Primary Health Care in Yerevan, Armenia. The patients with FGTB and the sound controls with conceptive issues were enlisted progressively from a huge gynecology center in Yerevan. Hereditary examinations for FMF were performed utilizing ViennaLab StripAssay.

The FMF bunch (211 patients) takes after the FGTB bunch (127 patients) in regards to etiologies of barrenness. In any case, in vitro treatment (IVF) achievement rate and pregnancy result were equivalent between the FMF patients and the benchmark group (162 patients).

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