This study aims to evaluate the impact of pre-operative pulp inflammation on the histologic outcome of full pulpotomy performed in mature permanent posterior teeth, using four different biomaterials.; METHODS: Five beagle dogs (providing a total of 120 roots) were selected. Dentin exposure was performed in teeth from second and third quadrants. One week later, full pulpotomy procedures were carried out using four different bioactive materials (ProRoot MTA, TotalFill BC Putty (BC), Biodentine (BIO) and an experimental cement – PCM). Hemostasis time was registered. After 14 weeks, animals were killed. Pulp-dentin tissues were histologically and radiographically assessed. Significance level was set at .05.; RESULTS: Teeth with previously exposed dentin revealed a statistically significant increase in time required to achieve hemostasis (p .05). PCM presented lower performance, with statistically significant differences being detected in regard to the remaining three tested materials (p < .001).; CONCLUSIONS: Radiographic and histologic outcomes of full pulpotomy are not jeopardized by short-term pre-operative pulp inflammation. Moreover, all BIO, MTA and BC cements present suitable alternatives to be used as pulp capping agents.
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