In influenza vaccination(IV), awareness, perceptions and convictions (KABs) play a key role in HCW decisions on the vaccination process and can have a major impact on the IV intake of the patient. The researchers studied the awareness, attitudes and opinions of GPs about IV, their opinion about IV in the elderly, the obligatory HCW-vaccination and the suitability of IV-assay for elderly persons with hospitalisation and death. “They analysed self-reported IV in GPs, reasons for (not) advising IV to staff, reasons for (not) endorsing mandatory IV for personnel, and reasons for (not) desiring a trial on IV in the elderly on hospitalization/mortality.” Multivariable logistic regression models were used to identify predictors of GP IV. A total of 552 surveys were conducted, and 71.9 percent of the GPs reported receiving IV. Male sex and age 60 years were determinants for IV in GPs.

79% of GPs recommend IV for their practise staff. Mandatory IV for staff was endorsed by 41.2 percent of GPs, with GP self-reporting IV serving as the sole determinant. 65% of GPs wanted the IV trial on hospitalisation and/or mortality. They came to the conclusion that the majority of Dutch GPs receive IV and recommend it to their staff.