The Institutional Review Boards are primarily responsible for ensuring that the veracity of the research involving the human participants is maintained. However, their work is becoming challenging with every passing day. This is because of the operation of the dynamic factors such as the occurrence of the unexpected adverse events, the exact evaluation of human participation, is becoming a difficult nut to chew. Therefore, these hindrances are very much likely to result in the non-fulfillment of the goal to study human ethnicity. It was recently when a group of senators in the United States of America expressed their concern over the private ownership of these institutes. This is because of the sole reason that these private institutions are profit-based and at the same time, are much less concerned about protecting the rights and dignity of their research participants. Therefore, in order to counter this issue, the non-profit based institutional review boards are promoted and every possible attempt is made to avoid the conflict of interests. These non-profit based institutions are suggested to take advantage of the business method of doing research for better results.