RNA binding proteins (RBPs) dysregulation is involved in the processes of various tumors. However, the roles of RBPs in clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC) remain poorly understand. In present study, we first performed consensus clustering and identified two clusters, of which cluster 2 was closely correlated with the malignancy of ccRCC. Differentially expressed RBPs between normal and tumor tissues were obtained, comprising 71 up-regulated and 44 down-regulated ones. Then, ten hub genes were selected and validated using The Human Protein Atlas database and receiver operating characteristic curves, showing good diagnostic value for cancers. Besides, we identified ten RBPs with the most useful prognostic values, and were used to construct a risk score model. The model could be used to stratify patients with different prognosis and phenotype distributions. The model showed good performance and can be used as a complementation for clinical factors to guide clinical practice in the future.
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