Lighthouse Trust is a public health organization that operates two public HIV testing, treatment, and care clinics. The trust is caring for over 26 000 people living with HIV, 23 000 of whom are on ART. Lighthouse Trust piloted a step-wise integration of SRH services into routine HIV care at its Lighthouse clinic site. Researchers did this study to increase FP uptake, promote long-term reversible contraceptive methods, and increase access, screening, and cervical cancer treatment using visual inspection with acetic acid.

Patients found integrated SRH/ART services acceptable; service availability appeared to increase uptake. In four years, over 6000 women at Lighthouse received FP education messages. By May 2014, 21% of eligible female patients received cervical cancer screening: 11% had abnormal cervical findings during screening for cervical cancer and underwent further treatment.

The study concluded that our integrated services required minimal additional resources over those needed to provide HIV care alone. Second, patient flow improved during implementation, reducing a barrier for clients seeking multiple services. Lastly, analysis of routine data showed that the proportion of women using some form of modern contraception was 45% higher at