There have been many studies that have been conducted so far in order to understand that optimizing vascular access use is very much crucial for long term hemodialysis patient care. Therefore, there have been a huge amount of variations that have been reportedly announced in the world at large. Therefore, is high time when a single global therapy and the process must be devised in order to address as many people as possible. Therefore, a prospective cohort study was conducted and hence, nearly 2191 AFVs were created in 2040 HD patients from 2009-2015 at 488 selected facilities in the different parts of the countries. Therefore, various predictors were also used for better results. At the end, the results concluded saying that 84 percent of the people in japan were satisfied with the idea of generating a single process for the development of the people in the best possible manner. Therefore, a single device must be created in the best possible manner.

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