Given world-wide rises in the number of older adults, interprofessional education and training in geriatrics must be promoted across the learning spectrum, both for students and for health care professionals. This review examined interprofessional team-based education and training interventions in Canada focusing on the team component. A total of 10 studies (1997-2017) were eligible for analyzes. Studies offered health care providers opportunities to enhance their knowledge of geriatric competencies, as well as their ability to work in interprofessional geriatric teams. Although several interventions did not include team-based learning content explicitly, team-building opportunities, as well as assignments related to working on teams yielded positive impacts on learners. Results showed improved geriatric competencies as well as team functioning. Geriatric health care teams add significant value to the Canadian health care system. Consequently, opportunities to improve health care providers’ geriatric knowledge and their ability to work in teams should be encouraged.