There have been many questions which are raising in the mind of the people these days. This is because of the reason that there are raising concerns about the diversity which is actually associated with them. A survey was conducted in which nearly 210 residents were studies and hence, an aim was to ensure the adequate amount of enrollment in general surgery training programs in Canada and the gender bias which can be very easily seen there. This is basically aimed at ensuring that the results of the study will be able to serve as a call to the training programs and hence, accrediting bodies and the medical community that the new strategies focused on the intersectionality of the gender and race, and ethnicity which are needed to improve the training experience of at-risk residents. The main outcomes included that there was a huge amount of diversity found and hence, it was recorded that on a scale of 5 nearly, 50 percent of the women and the minority classes had the presence and for the remaining, the opportunities were closed.

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