For a study, researchers sought to: determine the feasibility of a codesign process to optimize the interprofessional team’s and parents’ preparation for conducting shared decision-making (SDM)-oriented family meetings in the cardiac intensive care unit (CICU) and to describe the intervention’s resulting elements, which include new support documents for the team and family to prepare for the meeting, team member roles in the meeting, and communication skill optimization.

To construct an intervention at a single institution, experience-based codesign was employed with CICU doctors and parents of children hospitalized in the CICU. Audio recordings of the sessions were made, transcribed, and analyzed using modified grounded theory. To determine practicality, participants were polled on their involvement in the codesign process. 

About 15 experts and 6 parents participated in the codesign and agreed that participation in the process and the value of the intervention aspects were important. Participants recognized the value of combining parent and team preparation for family meetings, citing five unique types of sessions that happened regularly. To promote interprofessional collaboration in shared decision-making and parent support in family meetings, documents, processes, and skill training was designed.

A codesign of an intervention in the CICU with clinicians and parents is viable and resulted in an intervention with broad approval among CICU professionals.