A nuclear protein of testis (NUT) carcinoma, also known as NUT midline carcinoma, is a rare subtype of squamous carcinoma known for its aggressive growth behaviour. It can form anywhere in the body. Although, it usually occurs along midline structures (head, neck, lungs). The authors present the first report of intrasellar NUT carcinoma with cavernous sinus infiltration in a 47-year-old patient. MRI showed an inhomogeneous, gadolinium-enhancing lesion with intra- and suprasellar growth, invasion of the cavernous sinus without clear differentiation from normal pituitary tissue. Given the lymphoma diagnosis in the frozen section and invasion of the cavernous sinus, the patient underwent endoscopic, transnasal, and transsphenoidal subtotal resection only. Local tumour and spinal metastases showed a good response to radio-chemotherapy. Despite combined radio-chemotherapy, the patient died of pulmonary insufficiency due to rapid progression of pulmonary metastasis 6 months after the initial diagnosis.
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