For a study, researchers sought to find that keloids are a chronic ailment that restricts movement, hurts, and makes you itchy. Intralesional corticosteroid injection was the primary line of treatment; however, even with repeated sessions, side effects can still occur. To contrast intralesional injection with the more conventional tunneling corticosteroid injection technique in terms of efficacy and safety. A retrospective examination of intralesional corticosteroid injections administered to keloid patients who underwent traditional tunneling procedures was done. The study included a total of 119 distinct keloid cases. Among 78 patients receiving 20 mg/mL triamcinolone, the tunneling group fared considerably better at 1 month in terms of the Observer Scar Assessment Scale (OSAS) and Investigators’ Global Assessment efficacy scores than the traditional group. At 6 months, the OSAS score of the tunneling group significantly outperformed that of the traditional group. In comparison to the conventional group, the tunneling group’s treatment intervals were substantially longer. The tunneling method group had fewer negative effects than the group using the standard method. This study emphasizes the benefits of the tunneling method over the traditional method in terms of therapeutic impact and negative effects during keloid therapy.

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