The increase in the incidence of tuberculosis in developing countries has resulted in increased reporting on more related complications. We report the successful management of an intraoperative spontaneous rupture of a tuberculous pseudo aneurysm associated with spinal tuberculosis.
We report the case of a 66 years old woman diagnosed with spinal tuberculosis of the T3/T4 vertebrae. During an anterior approach surgical reconstruction for the degenerative vertebrae, massive hemorrhage was observed after the removal of a portion of the prevertebral fascia of the affected vertebrae. This led to the exploration of the hilar fascia for the possibility of hilar hemorrhage, and when no hemorrhage was observed, aneurysm rupture was suspected. A portion of the hilar fascia was then sutured to the prevertebral fascia and the hemorrhage was partially controlled.
On the 32nd month post-operative follow-up, the symptoms of chest and back pain had disappeared and the tuberculous lesion eradicated.
Presently, there are few reports on the successful treatment of intraoperative spontaneous rupture of tuberculous pseudoaneurysms. We therefore report on the successful management of such a case.

Copyright (c) 2019 Haijun Tang, Yun Liu, Abu Moro, Zengming Xiao, Xinli Zhan.