Covid-19 disease can involve any organ system leading to myriad manifestations and complications. Cardiovascular manifestations are being increasingly recognised with the improved understanding of the disease. Acute coronary syndrome, myocarditis, arrhythmias, cardiomyopathy; heart failure and thromboembolic disease have all been described. The elderly and those with prior cardiac diseases are at an increased risk of mortality. Overlapping symptomatology, ability of drugs to cause QTc interval (start of Q wave to the end of T wave) prolongation on electrocardiogram and arrhythmias, potential drug interactions, the need to recognise patients requiring urgent definitive management and provide necessary bedside interventions without increasing the risk of nosocomial spread have made the management challenging. In the background of a pandemic, non-Covid-19 cardiac patients are affected by delayed treatment and nosocomial exposure. Triaging using telemedicine and artificial intelligence along with utilization of bedside rapid diagnostic tests to detect Covid-19 could prove helpful in this aspect.
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