The major objective behind the conduction of this review research was to investigate the role of miR-126 in autoimmune diseases. This would allow clinicians to offer innovative therapies.

According to the researched literature, it was concluded that miRNAs, especially miR-126, are involved in many pathologies and that their expression levels increase in autoimmune diseases. This is possible because they interfere with the transcription of the proteins involved. Since microRNAs can be detected from several biological sources, they may be attractive as potential biomarkers.

If it is confirmed that there is the involvement of miR-126 in autoimmune diseases, it was speculated that it could be used as a promising biomarker. These discoveries implicate that miR-126 has a central role in many pathways leading to the development and sustain of autoimmune diseases. Its key role makes this microRNA a potential therapeutic target in autoimmunity.

The study concluded through its findings that although miR-126 relevant role in several immune-related diseases, further studies are needed to clear its molecular mechanisms; the final step of these novel researches could be the blockage or the prevention of the onset of the disease by creating of new targeted therapy.