The study objectives were to document users’ experience of family planning and genitourinary medicine clinics and young people’s services working within the time constraints of rapid service development and maximizing the utility of this data for service improvement.

Ninety-three users of family planning and genitourinary medicine services participated in one of 13 facilitated discussion groups. Some 61% of the sample were women, 64% were aged over 25 years, and 47% were the Black Caribbean or Black African. Researchers drew the clinic journey on a wall covered with paper, and participants added their comments during the discussion.

Users had similar concerns across the three service types. Users perceived some receptionists and clinicians as unfriendly and judgmental and described others providing a quality service often under challenging conditions. The reception was insufficiently confidential, waiting environments uncomfortable, waiting times long, and researchers needed more information throughout service use.

The study concluded that those elements of sexual health services known to be a source of dissatisfaction among young people may also be a problem for older service users and are experienced across different types of sexual health services.