To test the hypothesis that overweight and obesity are independently associated with greater self-reported back, abdominal, and radicular pain at baseline among adults with early- or late-stage ADPKD, and that weight loss is associated with decreased pain during follow-up, researchers conducted a post hoc analysis of pooled data from two randomized trials. Participants had a median age of 42 and baseline eGFR of 71 ml/min/1.73 m2. Each of the assessed pain types was reported more frequently in those with increasing BMI category.

Following multivariable adjustment, however, obesity was associated with increased odds of greater back and radicular pain only. These associations were similar following further adjustment for baseline height-adjusted kidney and live volume, such that the odds ratios for back and radicular pain were 1.88 and 2.92, respectively. When compared with those who maintained their weight, those with an annual decrease in weight of 4% or greater over a median follow-up of 5 years had decreased adjusted odds of worsening back pain.